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Water Plant Engineering

From proposal, EPC and to commissioning, we offer plant engineering services under a consistent organization of product management.

R&D and Water Quality Analysis

Water is essential to our life. To supply safe water to our customers at all times, our experts provide support with our maintenance technologies.

Operation & Maintenance

Our business is supported by our laboratories.
R&D Center does research and development of new technologies and products.
Japan Ecology Laboratory* provides prompt and reliable analysis results.

* a water quality analysis laboratory that is certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Overseas Projects

We supply safe water to people in the world by expanding our “decentralized water treatment and supply system” to overseas.

Features of Wellthy's business

Water Treatment with Custom-made Systems

We design the water treatment & supply systems according to the water quality and capacity that customers require. Therefore, we can propose a treatment system for various purposes, such as drinking, industrial, medical use and etc.


Remote Monitoring System using ICT

With the remote monitoring system using Information Communication Technology (ICT), we manage our systems’ safety and continuous operation 24/7. Also, the accumulated monitoring data at headquarters is analyzed and used to take appropriate measures to prevent troubles.

Disaster Resilient Lifelines

Our decentralized water treatment & supply systems for drinking purpose are effective in case of disasters. Safe water will be available even when the supply from water works is disrupted. These systems will intensify the main utilities, water.


Improvement of Hygiene and Environmental Pollution

Wellthy offers wastewater treatment recycling systems for food factories etc. using MBR or RO membrane according to customers’ requirements, such as water quality. These systems help reduce the environmental burden and ameliorate environmental pollution.

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News & Topics